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Please read through the FAQs, the answer you're looking for may be here. 

- I sent a DM, why didn't I get a response?

We do not communicate Or book appts via DM. Please use our booking links.

-Where is my Etsy order?

Etsy processing time is currently 2-3 weeks. Any questions about Etsy

orders should be sent directly on theEtsy website. Our assistant will be happy to help.

 - How do I book?

There is a book button at the top of my page in Instagram and Facebook. There are also links under any of my Youtube videos

- Where is your shop located?

Orlando, Florida (one location for now)

- Where can order your handmade loc extensions and crochet needles?

-Visit my Etsy shop. Link is in my bio or under any of my YouTube videos. Check out the products tab.

- Can I come in today?

We operate by Appointments only. I am usually booked weeks, sometimes months out. We do walk-in services every 1st Wednesday. 

- How much do you charge?

All prices are on my booking site

- What hair products do you recommend? 

Check out our products tab or our Etsy 

- I live out of state, can I book?

-Of course. A significant percentage of our clients are from out of state and some are international. We have added lodging and car service to aid in a smooth experience. Check out the resources tab. 

- What size or how many extensions should I order?

Book a consultation for most accuracy. 

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