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Please read through the FAQs, the answer you're looking for may be here. 

I sent a DM, why didn't I get a


-we do not communicate Or book appts

via DM. Please use our booking links


Where is my Etsy order?

-Etsy processing time is currently 2-3

weeks. Any questions about Etsy

orders should be sent directly on the

Etsy website. Our assistant will be happy to help.


How do I book?

-There is a book button at the top of the page on IG and Facebook. There are

also links under any of my YouTube



Where is your shop located?

-Orlando, Florida (one location for now)


Where can order your handmade

loc extensions and crochet


-Visit my Etsy shop. Link is

under any Of my YouTube videos. Check out the products tab


Can I come in today?

- we Operate by Appointments only. we are usually

booked weeks, sometimes months out. We do walk-in services every 1st Wednesday. 


How much do you charge?

-All prices are on the booking site.


What hair products do you recommend? 

-check out our products tab or our Etsy 


I live out of state, can I book?

-Of course. A significant percentage of

Our clients are from out of state and some are international. 


What size or how many

extensions should I order?

-Book a consultation for most accuracy. 


Can you reattach my natural locs

that I cut off?

-Absolutely. Your hair must be at least 3

inches. The longer the better.


Can I bring my own extensions or

extensions from a different


-Absolutely. A consultation will provide

more details.


I emailed you, why didn't I get a


-Please allow 24-48 hours for a

response via email. If multiple emails

are sent, they will automatically

become spam. 1 email will work best.


I am a stylist how do I join the team? 

-Please call us directly 


Do y’all do straight hair? 

-we work on all textures of hair 


Do you sell extensions in bulk or wholesale? 

-yes, send us a message on our Etsy 


Can I contact or book Dxlyn directly? 

-To contact Dxlyn please call our business number.

-To book dxlyn please use booking links. Her availability is limited

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